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Pros and Cons of Teenage Rhinoplasty

Pros of Teen Rhinoplasty

  • Teen rhinoplasty enables a teen to enhancetheir facial appearance and help improve facial symmetry. The nose is the face’s focal point, but it sometimes fails to complement the cheeks, chin, lips and other parts of the face. With rhinoplasty surgery, a teen can reshapetheir nose, resulting in a balanced, natural-looking facial appearance.
  • A teen rhinoplasty procedure may help a teenager boost their self-esteem.
  • Teen rhinoplasty surgery is typically considered safe and effective. 
  • Having rhinoplasty at a young age, when health is typically at its peak, may mean faster healing.
  • The sooner you fix or improve your nose, the more time you have to enjoy it.
  • If you’re having breathing problems, you should correct them as soon as possible. (This may be done without changing the shape of your nose or it could be a convenient time to change your look.)

Cons of Teenage Rhinoplasty 

  • Teens may be overly self-critical at this stage of life. Brain development and hormones make teens prone to make impulsive decisions, compare themselves to others, want to fit in and feel that they’re lacking in some way. 
  • Perspectives change as we age. You may be changing a feature now that you might be proud of later if you had kept the original look.  
  • There is the chance that once completed, the patient may not be happy with their teenage rhinoplasty results.
  • Teens who are still growing should not have surgery because their nose will continue to change with age.
  • There may be surgical complications. This is rare, but make sure you understand all risks before agreeing to surgery. Surgery always carries risk and must be taken seriously.

The decision to undergo a teen rhinoplasty procedure should not be taken lightly. It is crucial for teens and their parents to evaluate the treatment’s pros and cons. If this is what a teen patient really wants, they have considered all options, and they are confident in the decision, then rhinoplasty may be a good choice. To schedule a rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Nickodem in Annandale, contact Anne Nickodem, MD by calling 703-560-8711 or visiting website.

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