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What Happens if You Lose Weight After a Breast Lift?

Many women who have lost a significant amount of weight choose breast lift surgery to improve their silhouette and restore their natural contours. If you are considering breast lift surgery to improve your appearance, consider the effects of losing weight before or after your procedure. Since breast tissue is comprised mostly of fat, losing weight can increase the chances of sagging and drooping breasts after a breast lift procedure.

Breast lift surgery is designed to enhance your silhouette by lifting up the breast tissue. If you lose weight after this procedure, you may experience some sagging of the skin and minor changes in the overall contour and shape of your body. Maintaining a healthy diet—and getting back to the gym after you have fully recovered from your surgery—can help you maintain a healthy weight and appealing shape.

If you lose weight after a breast lift, it will likely impact the quality of your results. When you lose weight, the volume of fat in your breasts can decrease, which may lead to sagging. Of course, weight gain can also be detrimental to your breast lift results since it will affect the skin and other support mechanisms in the breast, also leading to sagging.

This is why it is so important to reach a stable goal weight before having cosmetic surgery. Before deciding on a breast lift, set yourself a goal weight and achieve it through a combination of healthy diet and exercise. Talk to your doctor about what is a good goal weight for you and the best plan for your weight loss. Then, maintain that weight for a significant amount of time before surgery. Maintaining a stable weight after a breast lift will increase the lifetime of quality breast lift results.

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